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Bullpen Food is the solution for liquidation of your excess food and beverage situations. Our lead buyer has 25 years of experience as a closeout buyer helping companies maximize the value of short code grocery inventory. As a specialty food liquidator, we buy inventory and move it through alternative channels at lightening speed. We know your brand is everything and we do everything to safeguard it.

We are strategic and transparent about how we place your closeout products. And we’re fast – we can have our trucks at your warehouse anywhere in the US or Canada in as little as 24 hours.

Thinking about donating instead of grocery liquidation for expiring inventory? Find out about how enhanced tax deductions for food bank donations can simplify the decision whether to donate or liquidate grocery inventory.

Get The Best Price

Pricing is in our blood. Our team has done thousands of closeout transactions and recognizes the balance between getting you the highest price for your goods while moving them on and off the shelves quickly.

Protect Your Brand

We understand the importance of protecting your brand and your customer relationships. We are discrete and ensure that your grocery closeout products only go into the most trusted secondary channels.

Move Fast

Give us an address and a release number and we’ll do the rest. We are liquidation buyers, not liquidation brokers. Our trusted relationships with alternative outlets allows us to provide you a quick, take-all order for your grocery closeout inventory.

Food Closeouts

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