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Founder Jon Brill has over 25 years of experience in buying and selling closeouts and has built trusted personal relationships with large manufacturers, distributors and deep discount retailers nationwide.

Our belief is that no single transaction is ever more important than the relationships we’ve built with our trusted partners. From manufacturers and distributers, to logistics and finance partners, and through to our customers, we have great respect and appreciation for those we do business with.

Open communication is the easiest and best way to establish trust, and we are always looking to improve how we work with our partners. So if you have any comments we encourage you to please contact us and share your thoughts.

We live and breathe closeouts and spend hundreds of hours every year in the field with discounters to make certain that we understand the latest trends with deep discounters and their customers. No family vacation is complete without dragging the kids through a deep discount store. Lucky for us that they enjoy it as much as we do!

Jon Brill
Founder, Bullpen Food

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