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Closeout Buyers & Grocery Liquidators
25 years of experience

We Are Closeout Buyers & Grocery Liquidators

We focus on specialty food and beverage closeouts and work with some of the country’s largest manufacturers and distributors. As closeout buyers, we sell to large deep-discount retailers and institutions outside of your normal channels. We also work with smaller, regional companies, many of which have been in business for 20+ years.

Most of our clients are working with short code closeout situations. If this is you, contact us for a quick assessment. Even a week or two can be the difference between liquidating for value vs. a write-off.

One thing we’ll always commit to: you will never see your product where you don’t want it seen. We’ll also never shop your product around – a disastrous process favored by many food liquidators that almost always end up lowering the price you get. We’re highly collaborative and are always happy to pay it forward, even if there’s nothing in it for us. Some of our best long-term relationships begin this way.

People We work with

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  • Icon Deep Discounters
  • Icon Food Bank Donations
  • Icon Salvage Outlets
  • Icon Correctional Facilities
  • Icon Export

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  • Icon Manufacturers
  • Icon Distributors
  • Icon Large Retail Chains
  • Icon Importers
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How We Work As A Grocery Liquidator


Evaluate Liquidation

Contact us with your food or beverage liquidation inventory, even if you just want a no-cost assessment. We will assess your product’s resale value and sell-through capabilities. Then will offer you our best price for your inventory. It’s that simple!


Pick Up

Everything is FOB your warehouse. We send our trucks to your warehouse for pickup. We understand that you want zero hassle with your closeout. An address and release number is all that is required – leave the rest to us.



We pay you promptly. We recognize that offering a fair price for your closeout food & beverage products and paying you in a timely manner are the essence of our very existence.

Get a Quote For Your Closeout Liquidation

Contact us for a quick, no-hassle assessment of your closeout