Texture. Are you feeling it?

Texture. Are you feeling it?

Humans are a tactile bunch. We love to touch, manipulate, and explore everything around us. Touch and texture are ways that the human brain categorizes, understands, and enjoys the world around us. Of our five senses, touch is perhaps the most critical in how we interpret the world around us. It stands to reason then, that touch can have a profound effect on how our brain interprets the taste and experiences the enjoyment of our food.

Food is a multifaceted sensory experience. The smell of the food wafting through the kitchen. The sounds of the food popping and sizzling in the pan. The colors of the food dancing together on a plate. The actual flavors mixing together on the tongue. These are all critical to the experience and enjoyment of food. However, it is the sense of touch that elevates food to its highest level. The touch and texture of the food as it is lifted from your fork and felt in your mouth can spell the difference between an alright meal to a culinary masterpiece.

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