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Touted as being one of the most micronutrient dense grains in the world, this superfood is poised to make a huge splash in food and dining trends in 2016. A group of researchers in California are looking to introduce the tiny grain powerhouse into the American diet, and their reasons are extremely compelling.

Millet has been a mealtime staple in places such as Africa, India, and Europe for centuries. With the American diet placing a huge emphasis on low/no carb lifestyles and the push for eliminating gluten from day to day living, millet is a veritable homerun. Millet, in addition to tasting earthy and possessing a slightly nutty flavor, is completely gluten free and an effective pasta or rice replacement in meals. Much like quinoa before it, this incredibly nutrient dense grain also takes on the taste of the foods it is being cooked with, making it an easy replacement for salads, soups, and stirfries. Paleo and gluten free individuals have been using millet flour to create breads, desserts, pancakes, and even pastries for years. The grain is truly as multifunctional as it is nutritious.

You might still be wondering why this little grain is set to take over the world in 2016, after all, millet is not the first grain being touted as a miracle carb replacement superfood. True, millet appears to be the next in a long line of

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