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We live in a pretty spectacular time, when you think about it. Technology allows us to share information, ideas, and methods for better living with the touch of a few buttons. By simply typing in a few keywords, we have access to tips for organizing our lives, schedules for working out, medical advice, and a seemingly endless array of recipes. Where once recipes were shared between friends, family, or magazines, we now share recipes and explore food trends with strangers worldwide in a matter of seconds. It is this instant feedback and efficient sharing of knowledge and ideas that has enabled some of the fastest moving food trends in history.

In 2016, one of the fastest and most prolific food trends will easily be non-meat protein rich substitutes taking over our plates. For both social, environmental, and health reasons, a push towards replacing animal-based proteins with fruits and vegetables is quickly becoming the next big thing in fine dining and home cooking alike. As consumers become more aware of the carbon footprint that mass meat production leaves on our planet as well as the cruel conditions that these animals are forced to endure, the trend has shifted from meat and potatoes to exciting new alternatives such as spiralized vegetables, spiced beans, or fresh locally sourced produce. Where once it was commonly accepted that every meal had to have an animal-based protein, a shift in thinking has resulted in fewer meals including meat, and when meat is on the menu, consumers are opting to purchase a higher quality and locally sourced provider.

Meats aren

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