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Protein powders are a pretty big deal. Once thought of as the lifeblood of bulky bodybuilders or endurance athletes, protein powders have found a solid and sustainable hold in our modern food economy. As spare time becomes more of a luxury, notching out time to create a complete and healthy diet is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and nutritious convenience foods have become the saving grace for many individuals on the go. Protein powders and shakes have become a huge industry on their own, bringing in billions of dollars in profits in 2014.

One up and coming protein powder to keep an eye out on in 2016 is derived from a place you might not associate with a high protein diet: Peas. After public and market outcry for a vegetarian protein powder supplement that was not derived from soy, food scientists went to work seeking out a suitable substitute. In 2011, pea protein became a more prominent figure in protein bars and shakes. This

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