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Welcome to the DIY generation

Welcome to the DIY generation

Well, DIY might be a bit of a stretch. While the Millennial generation loves the idea of do-it-yourself projects, they much prefer the convenience of letting someone else DIY their DIY projects for them. In other words: They love all things homemade, so long as they aren’t the ones doing the making.

Consumers today, by in large, are shying away from big box businesses and seeking instead to support small businesses. Consumers today are looking to reach back to a time where individual care was put into the products they used, and creating a meaningful relationship with the creators of the goods and services they purchased. Consumers today are seeking craft and homemade products that embody the essence of the DIY movement without having to take the time to actually do-it-themselves.

The craft and DIY movement as a whole has one industry to thank for this push for small batch and handcrafted goods: Beer. Over the last 20 years, the craft beer industry has grown from a few homebrew enthusiasts who brewed hoppy beverages for the enjoyment of themselves and their friends to a multibillion dollar industry that has singled handedly been responsible for a drastic increase in the number of small businesses established in the last decade alone. The time, effort, and individual attention that the craft beer industry paid to their product created a more informed and more involved consumer. It is this education and attention to detail that the craft beer industry passed on to their customers that helped foster the boom in the current handmade and craft food landscape.

In 2016, it is predicted that the push for socially responsible, globally conscious, and locally sourced goods, products, and consumables will continue to rise – and with no end in sight. As society as a whole seeks out the DIY, handmade, craft experience in their daily lives, new businesses with ever evolving offerings will continue to boom. The beauty of the craft and handmade movement is its ability to quickly and easily shift with current trends and predictions. Cupcakes go out of vogue? Shift to Bundt Cakes. Bacon no longer as hip? Make a new hot sauce. Small businesses are able to shift and restructure faster, therefore are able to meet the needs of the consumer faster. With that in mind, it would appear that this will not only be a rising trend in 2016, but for the foreseeable future.


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