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New FDA labeling requirements mean new packaging

New FDA labeling requirements mean new packaging

No need to call a food liquidator… yet.

Whether you think this is a great move or are rolling your eyes, there are new food labeling requirements that you’ll need to comply with. Luckily, they don’t take affect until mid-2018 and smaller companies (less than $10 million in revenue) get an extra year to update packaging.

The gist of the changes are to recognize some facts such as very, very few Americans suffer from Vitamin A or C deficiencies… so they’ve taken those out and replaced them with Vitamin D and Potassium. Apparently they’ve realized that scurvy isn’t the scourge it once was and that people should be eating more bananas.

The biggest change is probably the adoption of more real-world servings sizes. That pint of ice cream? It’s now 3 servings, not 4… because that’s more representative of how people eat. Of course there is a not-so-subtle reinforcing message that a pint is supposed to serve only 3. So will people eat less now that they see how many calories they’re actually putting away… or will they eat the same or even more now that they read that 1/3 of a pint is what they’re supposed to be eating?

Or, if they’re like us, they’re going to eat the whole damn pint anyway so it’s really simply an academic discussion.

Get ahead of the marketing game with relabeling

While you’ve got some time, there may be a bit of marketing advantage of moving to new packaging now while it’s still a fresh topic. The first snack chip producer to adopt the new labeling requirements may get you some news coverage. In a couple years, the 127th pinot bean can to adopt the labeling might not be so exciting.


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