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Bullpen Food 2443 Fillmore St. #182 San Francisco, CA 94115

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(415) 963-1989

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Feeding the world one mouth at a time is no simple undertaking. There is no group of people who knows this better, and is better equipped to undertake this challenge, than The Global FoodBanking Network. The GFN believes that through its efforts, advocacy, and support of both individuals who are suffering from hunger as well as food banks who long to support those individuals, the number of people suffering from hunger can be drastically reduced. A reported 800 million individuals worldwide suffer from hunger, and it is the mission of GFN to reduce and eliminate that number.

The GFN both supports and improves upon food banks worldwide, providing food, supplies, support, and resources to individual existing food banks, as well as supporting the creation of new food banks. By partnering with both the grocery industry as well as the personal care industry, the GFN provides access to resources and goods that might otherwise be difficult for smaller food banks world wide to acquire.

With a personal mission to support and create food banks in high need areas where such an organization otherwise does not exist, GFN is changing the face the execution of feeding the hungry throughout the world.

The GFN goes beyond just financial and material support, but also provides operational guidance, local leadership support, and educational training seminars in order to create a lasting, quality, and impactful food bank to serve those who are in need of food, toiletries, and other personal items. Additionally, it is the mission of GFN to provide these resources to the individuals in need with dignity, respect, and kindness.

The Global FoodBanking Network takes advantage of a new technologically savvy world and harnesses it to care for the entire world, from our next door neighbors to the next continent over. Regardless of what language you speak, what culture you

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